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Animal feed industry information to meet your special requirements

Our published titles have been designed to present the information most often required by those working in or supplying the animal feed and petfood industries.

Sometimes though, our publications don’t quite match customer needs. Either they don’t provide specific details required or they present too much information when a client wants to get to the heart of the matter quickly.

In such circumstances, we can call upon a wealth of knowledge, experience and curated data to compile reports on the feed industry to match your exact requirements. Our charges are reasonable and usually we can be responsive and nimble to put together your individual report in a short timescale.

Client Review from October 2020

“Our business is focused on developing new variety and grain products for farmers and feed end users. We found Simon was able to deliver a bespoke report which exactly met out needs.

Simon was able to quickly and efficiently produce a report which will prove valuable for current and future business, and he was able to demonstrate his expert knowledge after just a short phone call.

We therefore feel confident to recommend Simon to other business who need transparent and clear data on the feed market in an easy to use format”.

John Burgess
Maize & Hybrid Rye Product Manager


The bespoke report which helped KWS UK

We were recently contacted by John Burgess, Maize and Hybrid Rye Product Manager for KWS UK, the long-established developer of cereals and other crop varieties used to feed livestock.

John needed to identify which businesses to approach in connection with his target of establishing an exciting hybrid rye variety as a standard choice in monogastric feeds.

This is information which could be gleaned from our publication Feed Businesses but John wanted us to use our experience to distil the 380 feed producers featured in that report into a much more refined selection – those most likely to benefit from using his crop.

We were able to research, collate data and deliver the completed report within two working days, well ahead of the ten-day timescale requested by the client.

Do you have a report in mind which isn’t available off-the-shelf?

To discuss your requirements, please call Simon Mounsey on +44 1246 569967 during office hours (UK time).