WASDE reports greater corn and soy supplies

In March, the USDA estimation of planting caught the industry by surprise. Expectations were for higher availability of corn and soy than was actually reported. Last week, the monthly World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE) report was released and, as expected, showed sufficient supply owing to larger crop from Brazil. Why do these reports […]

USDA signals higher 2021 additive prices

The first Grain Stocks and Planting Intentions report of 2021 was released by the USDA on March 31st. This report serves as a quarterly update of current grain stocks, as well as a survey-based estimate of 2021 planting intentions. This year, farmers have several profitable options to choose from. While corn prices went up by […]

The Ever Given floats again

Wherever you are in the world, you or someone along your supply chain has been watching the efforts to dig out the Ever Given mega-ship with bated breath. We’re here to tell you that you can breathe easy. The massive cargo ship, which had blocked the Suez Canal since March 23rd, has now been freed. […]

Tryptophan spikes while Biotin remains stable

  Here are some of the most significant market trends identified by Glowlit in the last week: Tryptophan Prices Skyrocketing Tryptophan prices have increased 66% globally in the last two months. Other amino acids have increased in a similar fashion. In addition to global issues in freight and rising commodity prices, a recent announcement from […]

Stuck in a phantom traffic jam

  You’re cruising down the highway when all of a sudden endless rows of brake lights appear ahead. There’s no sign of an accident, no stoplight, no change in speed limit or narrowing of the road. So why is there so much traffic? This frustrating phenomena is called a phantom traffic jam. Phantom traffic jams […]

Baby boom or bust

Last week we looked at the history of commodity supercycles, zooming in on the period immediately after the Industrial Revolution when the price of corn rose at a staggering rate. We looked at the factors underpinning a supercycle using the power of historical hindsight. This week, I want to take a different approach, instead looking […]

Supercycle lessons from history

In 1948, Winston Churchill stood before the House of Commons and paraphrased George Santayana with these now famous words: “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” Over our next few posts we are heeding Churchill’s warning, and taking a lesson from the history of commodities. In the first few years […]

Feed Additives 2020 – Half Price!

Here’s a very special offer  … from now until the end of March While stocks remain, all printed copies of the 2020 edition of Feed Additives are available at half price. Similarly, digital downloads of any licence type (single-user or all multiple-user options) are also half price and can be downloaded instantly to your device. […]

Feed Review – 10% Off

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Vitamin C in short supply

Here are some of the most significant market trends identified by Glowlit in the last week: Vitamin C Around the world, Vitamin C is in short supply. Distributors fortunate enough to have stock are raising prices and allocating goods to the most urgent demand. Back in November, prices of vitamin C have increased by 200% […]

When will prices fall?

Here are some of the most significant market trends identified by Glowlit in the last week: Choline Chloride When we look at the cost structure of Choline Chloride there are three moving targets for us to keep track of: production of raw materials, shipping costs and customer demand. The main feedstocks for Choline Chloride are […]

Chinese New Year

Here are some of the most significant market trends identified by Glowlit in the last week: With the Chinese New Year less than a week away, factory sales departments are using their final few days at work to wrap up their most pressing tasks. Among them, arranging logistics for deliveries and beginning to plan the […]