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  • Free Sample Issue – October 2020
  • News review and market intelligence for industry investors, business owners and senior decision makers
  • The world of cereals, other feed crops, feed production and the markets for meat and livestock products
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Feed Review is a monthly, bite-sized summary of the most important news and developments from all over the world in the fields of cereals and other feed crops, feed production and the markets for meat and livestock products. Published on the first weekday of the month and delivered to your inbox, Feed Review is essential reading for investors, owners, senior management and key decision makers in all parts of the animal feed supply chain: feed materials and additive suppliers, feed producers, pork, chicken and egg producers and buyers of meat and livestock products. The key points you need to know every month, distilled into a 15-minute read.

Feed Review covers the world of feed crops and prepared feeds for farmed animals

We live in a world where change is the norm. Covid has highlighted our need to be ready and informed to make strategic changes to meet rapidly changing environments. All this in a time where we are all busier than we ever have been. As such, making informed decisions is key and Feed Review is an important publication that enables me to remain up-to-date and informed of the latest industry information, in a format that allows quick and easy reading. An essential read for anyone in our industry.

Patrick Charlton
CEO – Alltech Coppens

The headlines for this free issue (October 2020)

  • Pilgrim’s Pride and JBS pay their fines
  • China’s pork industry revamp continues
  • Second COVID-19 wave to bring further economic gloom

Further Information

Now in its second year, Feed Review is established as the go-to summary of important news and key market intelligence for investors, business owners and senior decision makers in the world of cereals, animal feed production and the markets for meat and other livestock products.

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1 November 2020

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