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Feed Businesses is priced at 125 for a single-user licence. These can be purchased online or by post using the buttons below.

Multi-user, site and corporate licences are also available.

If you intend to pay by credit or debit card, the simplest, quickest method is to use the electronic ordering form by selecting the button to the left:

If you prefer to order off-line, you can do so by printing out an order form using the button to the left.

Once you have completed the form, it must be returned (by fax, email or post) to Simon Mounsey Ltd (address information is in the right hand column).

This option offers alternative methods of payment (UK bank cheque, direct transfer, pro-forma invoice as well as card payments) but does take a few days longer before you receive the report. Reports are only dispatched after payment has been received.

If Feed Businesses would be valuable to more than one person in your organisation, we offer significant savings on multi-user licences. For details of pricing for two or more users, site and corporate licensing, please click the button to the left.

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