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  • Comprehensive Sales Information Resource for Reaching the UK Animal Feed and Petfood Industries
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Feed Businesses is a digital directory which provides comprehensive information on 379 animal feed businesses operating in the UK.

This invaluable sales tool is kept regularly up-to-date so that it is always current whenever you purchase.

Feed Businesses interactive directory covers the following business types:

  • 93 Sale Farm Animal Feed Compounders
  • 86 Petfood Manufacturers
  • 54 Horse Feed Manufacturers
  • 117 Blended Feeds and Coarse Ration Producers
  • 72 Feed Supplement Manufacturers
  • 17 Integrated Pig and Poultry Producers
  • 13 Game Feed Producers
  • 7 Feed Producing Agricultural Co-operatives
  • 6 Aquaculture Feed Producers
  • 15 Wild Bird Feed Producers
  • 7 Mobile Mill/Mix Services
  • 33 Additive Producers
  • 18 Premix Suppliers
  • 78 Ingredient/Straights Suppliers

Further Information

Now in its twelfth year, Feed Businesses is established as a valuable resource both for those operating within these industries and those with products or services to sell to them.

Feed Businesses covers more businesses and provides more contact information than ever before.

Entries for each manufacturer provide the following contact information:

  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Website
  • Email address

In addition, Feed Businesses provides the following data to describe the role each business fulfils and its significance within the sector:

  • Summary of principal trading activity
  • Profit and Loss Accounts (latest two years)
  • Balance Sheet (latest two years)
  • Cash Flow (latest two years)
  • Details of ownership
  • Other manufacturing sites operated by the business
  • Trading names, major brands, subsidiaries and divisions shown where appropriate

Live links to further information on each company’s website then leads you seamlessly to whatever available additional information you require on that business.

Additional information


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27 March 2019

Businesses Listed


Data Included

Address, Telephone number, Website, Email address, Summary of principal trading activity, Profit and Loss Accounts (latest two years), Balance Sheet (latest two years), Cash Flow (latest two years), Ownership, Other manufacturing sites operated by the business, Trading names, Major brands, Subsidiaries and divisions