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Simon Mounsey Ltd publishes a range of books, reports and other resources aimed at animal feed and pet food producers, veterinary surgeons and businesses that supply products or services to the feed and pet food industries.

This website showcases the publications which are all available for direct sale in our online shop. Digital publications can be accessed instantly as soon as your purchase has been completed.

The 2019 edition of  Feed Additives is now available to pre-order in advance of publication in December. Orders placed by 14th December are eligible for 10% discount off the regular price in addition to further reductions for those requiring multiple copies.

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We have recently introduced opportunities for companies who manufacture or distribute feed additives in the EU to manage their participation in our regular publication Feed Additives directly from the website. Suppliers of feed additives are invited to review information about this year’s edition at Information for Suppliers of Feed Additives.

During the coming months, UK producers of feeds for all types of farmed and companion animals will be offered the opportunity to manage their entries in our online directory Feed Businesses directly from this site. Meanwhile, if you make feed or pet food in Britain, please check you are included in the directory and contact us to arrange to review or add to the information we make available.

We are based in Britain and our publications have particular relevance to feed producers and their suppliers in the UK, Ireland and the rest of the EU. Our  Feed Additives handbook is used all over the world.

Our titles cater for all involved in the animal feed industry: compounders, blenders, supplement and premix producers, integrated pig and poultry operations, home-mixers, horse feed manufacturers, pet food companies, game and fish feed producers, mobile mill/mix businesses and suppliers of feed materials and additives.

In addition to our range of publications, Simon Mounsey can also provide bespoke sector reports for those requiring collation and analysis of data relating to the industries we serve.

We can also assist with advice and fulfilment of sales and marketing campaigns aimed at the animal feed and pet food industries.

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