Feed Legislation

A comprehensive guide to legislation relating to feed for farmed animals


Feed Legislation (cover)Feed Legislation is a comprehensive guide to legislation relating to the manufacture, sale, distribution, storage and use of animal feedingstuffs. The author of this book, Dr David R Williams, is one of the foremost European authorities on legislation relating to the animal feed industry.

Feed Legislation was fully revised in 2000 and is the third edition of the book which first appeared in 1993. It brings together all the regulations contained in over 100 European Commission and UK statutory instruments and includes all legislation current in 2000, that due to come into force at the time and proposals for 2001/2002.

Legislation concerned with animal feedingstuffs is complex. This book incorporates and explains numerous changes since the publication of the second edition: comprehensive updated lists of materials, compulsory declarations and undesirable substances; controls on manufacture, packaging, sale and distribution of compounds, additives and premixtures; zootechnical and medicated feedingstuffs; lists of feed additives including European lists of 48 enzymes and 18 micro-organisms; definitions; enforcement procedures; powers of inspectors and much more.

Written by David Williams, the authority on legal matters relating to animal feedingstuffs, Feed Legislation 2000 is an informed and comprehensive guide for all those who manufacture, home-mix, sell or supply livestock rations and everyone who supplies or advises the feed industry.


  1. Introduction
  2. UK Animal Feeding Stuffs Law
  3. UK Parliamentary Acts & RegulationsAgriculture Act 1970 Part IV
      1. The Feedingstuffs Regulations 2000
      2. The Feedingstuffs (Sampling & Analysis) Regulations 1999
      3. The Feedingstuffs (Establishments & Intermediaries) Regulations 1999
      4. The Feedingstuffs (Zootechnical Products) Regulations 1999
      5. The Feedingstuffs (Zootechnical Products) Regulations 1998
      6. The Medicated Feedingstuffs Regulations 1998
    1. Animal Health Act 1981
      1. The Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (No.2) Order 1996
      2. The Specified Bovine Material Order 1997
      3. The Heads of Sheep and Goats Order 1996
  4. DefinitionsAnimals
    1. Description of material
    2. Terms used under Feeding Stuffs Regulations
  5. Feed MaterialsGeneral form of the statutory statements
    1. Undesirable substances
    2. Limits of variation (tolerances)
    3. Names, descriptions and declarations
    4. Controls on certain protein sources
  6. Compound Feeding StuffsGeneral form of the statutory statements under the Feeding Stuffs Regulations 2000
    1. Packaging
    2. Control of iron content of milk replacer feeds
    3. Control of ash insoluble in hydrochloric acid in compound feeding stuffs
    4. Statutory declarations
    5. Undesirable substances
    6. Prohibited materials
    7. Control of added substances in feeding stuffs (excluding zootechnical products and authorised medicines)
    8. Zootechnical compound feeding stuffs
    9. Medicated animal feeding stuffs – compounds, premixes and intermediate products
    10. Feeding Stuffs intended for particular nutritional purposes (Dietetic feeds)
    11. Limits of variation (tolerances) — nutrients, additives, energy value and zootechnical products
  7. Additives and PremixturesGeneral form of the statutory statements
    1. Controls and labelling
    2. Packaging
  8. Sampling and AnalysesSampling
    1. Inspectors’ rights
    2. Informal samples
    3. Purchasers’ rights
    4. Analysis
    5. Exemptions
  9. Current ProposalsEuropean Union – Regulatory Aspects
    1. Proposal to amend Directive on marketing of compound feeding stuffs
    2. Proposal to amend the Undesirable Substances Directive
    3. Further measures proposed by the Commission


  1. Controls on Sale & Supply of Zootechnical & Medicated Feeding Stuffs
  2. Categories of ingredients for use in relation to compound feeding stuffs for animals other than pets
  3. Method of calculating the energy value of compound feeds

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