Feed Businesses

Directory of UK Animal Feed and Petfood Producers and their Finances

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Feed Businesses 2021 – due in the spring
Directory of UK Animal Feed and Pet Food Producers

Feed Businesses is an interactive, digital directory providing detailed information concerning 379 animal feed businesses operating in the UK.

It is a comprehensive sales tool for all businesses that provide products or services to any type of animal feed or petfood enterprise in Britain.

For any businesses which itself produces feed (compounders, blenders, supplement/premix manufacturers, integrated pig or poultry producers, home-mixers, horse feed manufacturers, petfood companies, game and fish feed producers and mobile mill/mix companies), this is a key resource for monitoring your own industry and for keeping an eye on your competitors and their changing fortunes.

Feed Businesses 2021 will be published in the spring. Anyone ordering the current (2019) edition before then will also be sent the 2021 edition on publication free-of-charge.

Feed Businesses is regularly updated so that you can be assured information is always current whenever you purchase.

Feed Businesses is designed for use wherever you happen to be: in your office on a PC, in a meeting on a laptop or out and about on a tablet or phone.

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Feed Businesses interactive directory covers the following business types:

  • 93 Sale Farm Animal Feed Compounders
  • 86 Petfood Manufacturers
  • 54 Horse Feed Manufacturers
  • 117 Blended Feeds and Coarse Ration Producers
  • 72 Feed Supplement Manufacturers
  • 17 Integrated Pig and Poultry Producers
  • 13 Game Feed Producers
  • 7 Feed Producing Agricultural Co-operatives
  • 6 Aquaculture Feed Producers
  • 15 Wild Bird Feed Producers
  • 7 Mobile Mill/Mix Services
  • 33 Additive Producers
  • 18 Premix Suppliers
  • 78 Ingredient/Straights Suppliers

Now in its twelfth year, Feed Businesses is established as a valuable resource both for those operating within these industries and those with products or services to sell to them.